Good diet preparation before you starting a diet

good diet preparation

A good diet program needs careful planning so you can get the desired results. Here are good diet preparation you need to do before you start your diet program.

What are the good diet preparation that need to be done before applying diet program?

  1. Set specific but realistic targets

Do not just set targets “want to lose weight”, but make your final target more specific into the short-term target points. This more specific short-term target will be useful as a guide to your long term goals.

For example, find out how much weight corresponds to your height (to calculate your BMI check). If you think too far, choose the target that is nearest your ideal weight. Make it a long-term goal that you will go to. You could say this as the main target.

Next, solve that long-term goal into a weekly or bi-weekly goal in a shorter time than the primary target. For example, within one week your target is to reduce 1 kg of body weight.

Make this your short-term goal as a springboard each week until you approach the main target.

  1. Find out how much food or drink you should consume normally in a day

Before starting a diet, you’ll want to remember and find out how many calories you normally eat during this time. Set these figures as the starting point of your weight loss program. Only then can you begin to reduce the caloric intake of the standard slowly.

But remember: The number of calories you reduce may vary depending on the weight loss goals you set per week. For example, you could target to reduce 500 calories per day for a week. After that, subtract again to 600 for the next week, for example.


To make your diet program easier, start from reducing a little bit of your usual eating habits. For example, from which had been eating rice 3 times a day to 2 servings of rice a day. From what was always used to drinking 4 bottles of sweet drinks reduced to 2-3 bottles only per day.

Checkout this Keto Diet or Paleo Diet Plan guidelines

  1. Find out the physical activity that suits your daily activities

Apart from the food arrangements, you should also make physical activity planning to manage the energy balance in the body. To burn more calories, you can do help reduce calories and burn more fat through physical activity.

This way you can more quickly lose weight in a safe way. Customize the physical activity you will choose with the activity you have. Put it into your activity, such as:

  • Exercise while watching TV at home.
  • Park the vehicle further away from your destination building.
  • Limit sitting time is too long, give body time for light stretching.
  • Choose a ladder to climb to your destination instead of taking the elevator.
  • Perform at least 30 minutes of exercise a day with moderate intensity.
  1. Consult a doctor or nutritionist

Rather than planning a random diet program so that the results become ineffective and durable, it is better consult a doctor or nutritionist nearby about how to set a good diet plan in accordance with the conditions and your needs.

Consulting a doctor can also be a good diet preparation because then you can find out if there is a metabolic disorder that may affect your body. Some conditions of certain health disorders can make you more difficult to lose weight, such as hormone disorders, cardiovascular disease, sleep disorders, deviant eating behavior, or are taking certain medications.

If your doctor finds a problem with your body that has the potential to inhibit your success diet program, it can help to set a better dietary way for you to keep getting the best results.


Good luck!

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